‘One to Another’ Crouch End Open Studios Art Trail 2024

I am looking forward to welcoming art punters, friends and those just strolling through Crouch End on the 2024 Art Trail to One to Another at La Vecchia Pizzeria, 10 Crouch End Hill, London N8 8AA Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 May 12-6.

One to Another is an exhibition of nine paintings; in each artwork a variety of textures, objects and surfaces are deliberately placed to but-up against each other: As in a packed party in a tight room one individual is compelled to chat to the person next to them, so it is that these divergent materials are forced into a discourse from one element to another in close proximity. Exhibiting work that spans 2016 to 2024 continues this idea – one to another – with the intention of expanding possibilities of juxtapositions, through time, as well as across a London brick red wall in a North London Pizzaria.