Crouch End Tiger Hidden Banana

Crouch End Tiger Hidden Banana is Crouch End Festival’s 2022 art exhibition offering presented by North London Art Dialogue, curated by Bone-Waller and Matthew Swift.

North London Art Dialogue is a group of eleven artists who meet up regularly to view and discuss recent artworks. Andy Metcalf, a local Crouch End painter, initiated the idea of a forum for local artists to meet and share their diverse practices, processes and concepts. Through this inclusivity an exciting synergy emerged, nurtured by the contrasting and wide-ranging approaches of those involved.

Crouch End Tiger Hidden Banana Poster

The title – part-obvious/part-absurd – comes from a pun on Ang Lee’s film title Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The ‘banana’ of the title represents the fact that all members of the North London Art Dialogue are, or have been, members of Turps Banana’s correspondence course.

A proportion of this group have exhibited before, recently at Thames-Side Studios Gallery with In formation and In response at The Nunnery in 2021.

The opportunity to be part of the Crouch End festival came suddenly and out of the blue one month ago. The group has hit the ground running to get this Tiger climbing up the clock tower. If there is a sense of DIY to this project, that is because that is exactly what it is.

Artists exhibiting – Nicky Amin, Bone-Waller, Linda Breeds, Maddy Buttling, Gabrielle Eber, Leslie Farago, Andy Metcalf, Helen Pavli, Helen Scalway, Matthew Swift and Emma Withers.

The show opens at 9am on Friday 8th July at:  The Original Gallery, Hornsey Library, Haringey Park, N89JA and runs through the festival weekend and on for a further week, finishing on Sunday 17th July.